Sunday, March 8, 2009

Memories Benjaman Kyle has

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Mama Elena's is or was on East Colfax. The building was next to a Taco Bell and built of the same brick that they used to use for Taco Bells.. I always thought the building might have been built as a headquarters building for a Taco Bell Franchisee or a regional Headquarters for Taco Bell itself.

Mama Elena"s lad the best "Mexican" food in Denver. They said everything was prepared fresh daily and I believe it. It tasted like it. Th ey said their cuisine derived from the French when France ruled Mexico for a few years through a puppet emperor.

Near the corner of Colfax and Colorado were two coffee shops [now termed "family restaurants" as opposed to Starbucks which I don't believe even existed then] Azar's Big Boy and White Spot. I see by satellite pictures that neither building exists any longer.

Azars did have a great buffet, but lousy service. White Spot was great for bar rush but usually only had one cook on duty so it took a long time to get your food. Azar's always seemed to have plenty of staff on duty but they seemed more interested in talking to each other than waiting on customers. There was another White Spot closer to the State Capital on Colfax that was frequently called the Gay Spot instead of the White Spot. Both chains are now out of business, at least I can not find them anywhere in the internet.

The Normandy was on Colfax at Monroe Street [I think]. Their parking lot fronted Colfax and the building fronted a side street. It was very High End [expensive]. It had originally been located further east on Colfax, again, in an old house on the corner. After they moved another French Restaurant took over the building and made a success of it [ Tante Louise? ].

Down the street from Colorado Boulevard, west, toward the Capital Building, there was a old Sambo's building which was occupied by several restaurants at one time or another but none of them ever seemed to make a success of it. across the street from the Sambo's was an old Red Barn restaurant building that became an antique store. I think it is still in business.

Across from East High School was a Kentucky Fried Chicken clone whose name I do not remember.Just east of the chicken place was an Arthur Treachers Fish & Chips.

Somewhere on East Colfax, near the Park Avenue intersection was Mountain Man Pizza [I think I have the name right]. They had gotten several awards for having the best pizza in Denver, in my humble opinion it was the best in Colorado. They also had a store in Steamboat Springs. They had a salad bar set up in an old cast iron bathtub just inside the door.

Westworld used to publish these awards every year. I think they made up some category's just so their advertisers could win something.

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