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2004 Amnesia Victim needs help

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Do you know me?

Doe Network -
Click here - Case File 1007UMGA

FACTS ~ Male -
Late 50's early 60's

DATE FOUND - 8/31/2004
Location found - Burger King restaurant on U.S. 17 in Richmond Hill, Georgia

Age regression from the Dr. Phil show (below)
Link to the Dr Phil show page for Benjaman - click here
to discuss this on Dr Phil's message board, click here

EYES - blue/green - (he was "blind" when found and not able to see for 8 months)

HEIGHT -5-foot-11 weighs

WEIGHT - 252 when found (2004) - 240 current (2009)

HAIR - Grey - receding hair line

Facial hair when found - no notes stating the amount of facial hair he had when he was discovered
no tattoos or body piercings

SPEECH - to hear sample video see here and here

***** From Dr. Phil's linguist - Definitely midwestern to western, ie Colorado etc...possibly Ohio, Indiana, Nebraska. He does not have any drawl or broad A when he speaks, so the south or even Minnesota/Wisconsin/Michigan seem to be out of the question.

Dr Phil's linguist : Carmen says that when she heard Benjaman's dialect, she believed it to be an inland southern dialect. "The states that it would include would be Oklahoma, parts of southern Indiana, Kansas, southern Missouri maybe, maybe parts of Texas. So that’s the area that I’m mostly focusing on, in terms of trying to determine where he’s from," she explains.
We have estimated his birth date to have occurred in the 1950's.

He is well spoken, well read and seems to have a higher education.

Short version - It was thought he was homeless when found NEXT TO a dumpster at the Burger King. The cleaning woman indicated that she had found a "naked bum" unconscious near the dumpster. The police arrived, called EMT's and made statements characterizing him as other words that they had a bum who was possibly rolled...So that is how he was transported- first to one hospital and then to another... labeled an indigent. There was no report done due to them thinking he was homeless

Physical Markings / SCARS -

TEETH - Three teeth missing from upper front and one tooth missing from upper right side of mouth. Not known whether dental problems occurred after or as result of mugging in August of 2004

ELBOW - LEFT --- Mr. Kyle has two surgical scar lines on his left elbow that resemble two arc-shaped lines running almost parallel to each other, one is about 5-1/4” long and the other is about 3-1/4” long. He believes he had surgery for a broken elbow and that pins and/or screws had to be implanted. To the best of his recollection, the broken elbow occurred in Indianapolis when he was in his 20’s which would date around 1968-1978.. He has no xrays confirming the pins in his elbow

Forearm - LEFT - He, also, has an oval-shaped scar on the top of his left forearm that measures 7/8” x ½”. From the wrist to the end of the forearm, it would be about 2/3rd of the way above the wrist and 1/3rd of the way below the elbow. He is sure that this scar is from a skin graft that replaced skin lost on the top portion of the left index finger beside the fingernail (the side away from the middle finger and closer to the thumb). He believes this surgery was done around the same time as the elbow surgery mentioned above and that it might be related to falling off of a loading dock.


FACE/JAW - He also has a round scar on the left side of his face in the lower region of the jaw. Going from the center of the bottom of the jaw-line. It is about 2-1/2” away from the center of the chin going toward the left ear if you use the bottom jaw-line as a reference. The actual scar is about 1/8” in size and appears to be roundish in shape. He does not recall how he got this scar but the edges are not well-approximated and he was told by a dentist that it could be related to an abscessed tooth in the past. Some say it appears to be like one Johnny Cash has which was the result of a botched attempt to remove a cyst.


NECK - In addition, Mr. Kyle has a scar line going across the front of the neck above the collarbones. It measures about 1-1/2” long across the neck and is not exactly in the middle – it is more toward the left side of his neck. He recalls having surgery pertaining to his cervical disc and believes it took place in Colorado but has no idea when.

****NOTE - it is not known if there are serial numbers on any pins that he has.


He has no xrays confirming the pins in his elbow; he has no notes stating the amount of facial hair he had when he was discovered; it was 8 months from when he was discovered to when his eyes were corrected. The month or so after his discovery does not contain much in the way of memories-jumbled thoughts only.


PAST - He believes he has lived in Colorado, Indiana, and possibly elsewhere in the Midwest. He also has some specific memories of Denver Colorado.
---"there is additional evidence linking Benjaman to Denver. During a visit with a hypnotherapist, Kyle recalled the name of a Denver restaurant, Mama Leone's, and the Big Mac, the local name for McNichols Sports Arena, home of the Denver Nuggets."
"I believe I was born in Indianapolis. I know I'm from Colorado. I'm sure my first name is Benjaman. I'm pretty sure I went to a Catholic school"

He has had his fingerprints run through NCIC and criminal and military databases with no match. His fingerprints have been run against all of the military data bases as well as criminal ones and missing persons by the FBI.

He knows quite a bit about restaurant management and layouts.

DNA - DNA entered into CODIS shortly- MtDNA is in the mito database
YDNA typed and entered (looks at paternal ancestry) - might have a common ancestor with the Joseph Powell family - see here Entry 153



Part of his story is that when he was first discovered he was virtually blind. He may have developed cataracts in an acute form as a direct result of laying face up to the sun for many hours as he laid unconscious after being beaten. His vision was corrected by some generous doctors and when he saw himself, he felt firm that he had lost at least 20 years in his memory.

He has documented injuries that are consistent with an accident or perhaps even football, in that he has had surgery on his cervical spine and pins put into his elbows some time ago. The pins in his elbow were never clearly X-rayed - he recalled that he had this surgery and this is why he had scars there. He does not recall why he had it done, like was he in an accident etc... He does not know if he had the surgeries at the same time. He has a scar on his neck that appears to be from cervical spine surgery, at least that is how it is documented in his medical records. He also has a depression in the side of his jaw that looks like (perhaps) surgery to release an abscess of some kind.

BK does have some dental history, but most seems to be associated with the beating he received it is believed.

NAME - There are some associations with the spelling he has chosen for "Benjaman" that might be consistent with his vague recollections of Indiana.

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